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How To Prep For A House Cleaner

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Introduction: Home Cleaners Are Worth It

In case you’ve been wondering, hiring a house cleaner is absolutely worth the money. It gives you a chance to catch up on other much-needed tasks around the home like carpet cleaning Gilbert Az. It also provides a nice break, and it is refreshing because sometimes a new pair of eyes catches dirty spots that have been missed before. A lot of people tend to shy away from house cleaners because they’re not sure about how the process works. They’re worried they might get scammed, they don’t meet the qualifications for needing a house cleaner, and they just won’t know what to do in order to prep their home for the process. Luckily, anyone can hire a house cleaner that wants too, and there are only five simple things to do to be ready for when they come.

Make Sure To Lock Up Animals

Man cleaning windows from the inside of a brick house in Gilbert AZFirst and foremost, you should lock up your pets before a house cleaner comes over. Not only is it respectful to the cleaner, it’s
also the safest. This is because even though you trust your pet, you don’t know how they’ll react to a cleaner. Secondly, you don’t know if a cleaner is nervous around animals. Therefore, it’s better to be safe than sorry in situations like this. It’s also much easier for a cleaner to get the job done without a cat or dog constantly getting in their way.

Let The Cleaners Know What You Want To Be Done!

The second step in hiring a cleaner is to be open and honest with them. You won’t be fully happy with the job they do unless you tell them certain things! If you prefer to have your living room cleaned or arranged a certain way then let them know! They will be more than happy to oblige. If you have questions, make sure to ask. Cleaners are very accommodating and most times they do have a plan already set in place. They will still take into account any special requests, however. At the end of the day, they just want to make their clients happy.

Clear Away The Clutter

If your house is cluttered with things like toys and clothes, make sure to put them away! You don’t want your cleaner to have to spend the majority of their time putting things away. You know better than anyone else where things go in your house. If you make sure the rooms are tidied up a bit then the cleaner can focus more on actual cleaning. This will ensure that they are actually there to do the job they set out to do. They can focus on the vacuuming, dusting, and scrubbing. Picking up items scattered throughout your house will only take a few moments of your time. It would take your cleaning person a whole lot longer because they’d have to figure out where things go.

Put Away Personal Belongings

Lady holding bucket with cleaning supplies in Gilbert AZIt’s a good idea to put away any important documents or bills that may be laying out on counters. This ensures that they don’t get mistaken for trash and thrown away. It’s also so a cleaner doesn’t place them somewhere that you’re not sure of. Having your important documents out can also be awkward for the cleaning people. They might feel uncomfortable touching these documents and therefore will try and clean around them. Avoid any mess by putting these away in a safe spot. The same goes for valuables. Most cleaning crews are trustworthy but you don’t want something like a precious ring or an electronic to
get lost during the cleaning.

Identify Problem Areas

If you have certain areas of your house that you know you want deep cleaned, let them know! Pet owners might want cleaners to pay special attention to carpets because animals can wreak havoc on the flooring. Parents might want cleaners to pay more attention to kids rooms to ensure that germs are getting cleared away and because let’s face it, kids are messy. Whatever the problem areas are in your home, speak up! Cleaners might not be able to tell otherwise. This way they can give special attention to those rooms